GFI HelpDesk enables you to run your helpdesk straight out of the box – using the default settings configured prior to shipping. If required you can also customize these settings to suit any particular vulnerability management requirements that your organization might need.

You can customize and configure various aspects of GFI HelpDesk including templates, emails, and .

Topics in this section:


Creating staff accounts and assigning them to teams

Editing or Deleting Notes for an Organization

Error: "Staff count exceeded"

Importing Users from Other CRM or Mailing List

Merging user accounts

Editing or deleting notes for a user account

Changing the staff or admin password through the helpdesk


Understanding how departments work

Creating and managing departments

Custom fields

Understanding how custom fields work

Inserting a new custom group and field

Email configuration

Setting up email notifications for your staff

Understanding GFI HelpDesk notifications

Introduction to Email Queues

Email queues and how they work

Advanced email configurations

Error "From Email is Empty #0..." when parsing emails

Preventing spam in Russian language

Manually adding or removing email ids from banned list

Setting up autoresponders for different email queues

Using break-lines to remove previous replies from incoming emails

Using SPF to avoid emails from being marked as spam

Disabling automated emails

Setting up signatures for outgoing emails

Optimizing the configuration of the email queues

Restricting email queue to accept emails from registered users only

Preventing incoming emails with no subject from creating a ticket

Handling large emails in GFI HelpDesk

Preventing spam emails using Bayesian Filtering

Mail parser rule essentials for setting up email rules

Editing automated email message text

Changing outgoing email addresses for automated emails

Custom templates

Managing your template modifications

Understanding how custom templates work

Building blocks of templates in helpdesk and editing support available

Best practices for editing GFI HelpDesk templates

Customizing notification email templates

Email template variables

Modifying Notification Email Templates

Reviewing template editing history and comparing versions

Customizing support center look

Advance configuration

Purging attachments - Overview

Purging Process

Accessing GFI HelpDesk diagnostic tools

Changing the product base URL in GFI HelpDesk

Adding or updating SSL certificates for your domain

Adding or Updating Your SSL for Your GFI HelpDesk Download Instance

Rebuilding helpdesk cache manually


Hiding the Ticket Owner on the Helpdesk Portal

Creating knowledge bases for multiple brands

Understanding how GFI HelpDesk handles multi-brand knowledge bases

Building a multi-brand knowledge base

Using template groups to create a branded support experience

Understanding user groups

How helpdesk handles registration and authentication?

Configuring template groups

Restricting content visibility

Removing the login form from your support site

Adding quicklinks to your support site with widgets

Integrating GFI HelpDesk with Identity Providers

Setting up automatic approval of support center comments

Preventing spam for helpcenter comments using CAPTCHA and Akismet

Enabling LoginShare for user accounts

Enabling additional language packs

Setting up SEO-friendly URLs

Disabling staff LoginShare from database

Changing or modifying the registration policy consent text

Disabling 'Automatically set ticket owner to active staff user' option

Sending emails in bulk

Preventing spam tickets in GFI HelpDesk

Enabling LoginShare for staff user accounts

Understanding sections in language packs

Configuring remote authentication using LoginShare

Moderating comments on knowledge base articles

Configuring time zones in GFI HelpDesk

Running multiple support sites from one GFI HelpDesk instance

Sharing secure access to your GFI HelpDesk

Sharing secure access to your systems

Developer resource

GFI HelpDesk REST API - Overview

REST Basics



List of GFI HelpDesk APIs

Generating API signature using PHP

Exporting knowledge base articles to GFI HelpDesk

Enabling GFI HelpDesk's REST API

Code snippets for generating an API signature

GFI HelpDesk hooks

Directory of hooks

Understanding the GFI HelpDesk Rest API and its methods

Setting staff permissions to moderate comments on knowledge base articles

List of GFI HelpDesk APIs

REST - UserSearch

REST - UserGroup





REST - KnowledgebaseCategory











API Test Controller

Live chat and calls

Live Chat in GFI HelpDesk

Status of chats

Changing the default department in live chat window

Advanced live chats

Generating and adding a live chat button to website

Adding branded logos to live chat windows

Adding a Click-to-Call button to your site

Handling chats with Kayako Desktop for Mac

Enabling Live Chat on GFI HelpDesk

Customizing the Live Chat button of your support center

Adding Live chat on WordPress GFI HelpDesk integration

Removing the 'Live Chat Software by Kayako' text from the support site

Enabling VoIP/Phone support in Kayako Desktop

Routing incoming messages when the Live Chat is offline

Handling chats with Kayako Desktop for windows