Using break-lines to remove previous replies from incoming emails

Break-lines are standard strings that denote the end of a new e-mail reply, where previous responses have been preserved. In other words, the Break-lines in Fusion prevents the addition of previously quoted content in an e-mail reply.

This topic provides details on using the Break-lines to achieve this goal and also information to keep into consideration about it.

The helpdesk strips the entire text that follows the Break-line. The parser strips off the content to ensure the threaded ticket view within the client support interface and staff control panel is clean when viewing a ticket.

An example of Break-lines:


Original reply by client via E-mail :

Reply Content

—---Original Message-----

Quoted Message


Result (after ticket is parsed in the help desk):

Reply Content


Break-lines can be added from Admin CP > Mail parser > Breaklines > New. Break-lines can be added as plain text or using regular expressionEnables to define a sequence of characters that specify a search pattern. and specifying them as Regex.

Additionally, if you want that inserted Break-line should append in all the ticket replies automatically, then Break-line can be added at the above of the below mentioned templates from Admin CP > Templates > Templates > Tickets :

  • email_ticketstaffreplyhtml
  • email_ticketstaffreplytext

Break-lines only work on tickets created via e-mail / Mail Parser and do not work on tickets that are created via the client support center.

These do not apply to new tickets. Means, if a client creates a new ticket via e-mail, which contains a text matching to a Break-line, it does not strip the text off from this first post.

The Break-lines text is only matched to *replies* to the existing tickets, which are being sent via e-mail.

Also, in case you would like GFI HelpDesk to not include the ticket reply summary in staff replies, you can tell it to stop doing exactly that by going to Admin CP > Options > Tickets > Settings.