Preventing spam tickets in GFI HelpDesk

Spam tickets can only be created via the 3 possible ticket creation channels

  • Email parser (incoming tickets via email)
  • Ticket submission form (from the Help Center)
  • Offline Live Chat messages (from the Help Center)

This topic guides you on how to check these ticket creation channels' and tweak the settings to prevent spam ticket creation.

To prevent spam tickets, do the following:

  1. Check the source of the spam email: Open any of the spam tickets and go to the Audit Logs tab. Under the Entry type, it shows either Parser or User.
    • If Entry type is Parser, then the source is the Email Parser.
    • If Entry type is User, then the source is tickets submitted via the Help Center.
  2. To prevent spam from being created by the Email parser (incoming tickets via email).
    • Set up email parser rules to ignore email from specific email address or content e.t.c.
    • Add the source address to a ban list by marking the source address as spam
  3. To stop spam tickets are being created via the form of the offline message:
    • Temporarily disable the Chat message routing.
    • This feature can be disabled at Admin CP > Live Chat > Message Routing.
  4. To prevent spam from being created from your help center, you can enable the CAPTCHA for ticket submission or hide the ticket submission option for guest (non-logged-in) users.
    • To enable Captcha:
      1. Login to Admin CP and go to Tickets > Settings.
      2. Set Require users to complete a CAPTCHA when submitting tickets setting to “YES”.
    • To hide ticket submission for guest users:
      1. Login to Admin CP and go to Widgets > Submit a Ticket > Options tab.
      2. Set Widget visibility to “Logged in users only