REST basics

A request to the GFI HelpDesk REST API request is simply an HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol - A protocol for exchange of hypertext documents in HTML. request with the URLUniform Resource Locator is the address of a web page on the world wide web. set to the path of the helpdesk app (such as Base), controller (like User) and parameters containing the payload of the request.

The GFI HelpDesk API is a "RESTful web API" (read more about the format on Wikipedia). The API uses plain XML for receiving and dispatching data.

The API uses all four REST commands - GET, PUT, POST, DELETE. These commands correspond to respective actions inside the helpdesk.


POST and PUT are not interchangeable. Each has a specified function.

Command Action Description
POST Create Create an item (such as a ticket).
GET Retrieve (Read) Retrieve an item or list of items (such as a list of tickets).
PUT Update Modify an existing item or list of items (such as changing the owner of an existing ticket).
DELETE Delete Permanently remove an item or group of items (such as deleting a helpdesk user).

Your helpdesk API can be accessed at your-helpdesk-URL/api/.

For example:

What a Request Looks Like

?e=/App/Controller/Action ¶meterA=valueA ¶meterB=valueB ¶meterC=valueC &apikey=d75a00ef-08b6-5b04-5d29-d3b7ca46138a &salt=itobgt701t5nat7oor9z4t813edc5t8d&



The URL you use for the API depends on the URL you find at Admin Control Panel > API > Settings. From there you can use a URL similar to as your API base.

If you encounter an error after multiple attempts, you might need to configure your request with, and by adding that it should work out fine.