Advanced configuration

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Topics in this section:

Purging attachments - Overview

Purging Process

Accessing GFI HelpDesk diagnostic tools

Changing the product base URL in GFI HelpDesk

Adding or updating SSL certificates for your domain

Adding or Updating Your SSL for Your GFI HelpDesk Download Instance

Rebuilding helpdesk cache manually


Hiding the Ticket Owner on the Helpdesk Portal

Creating knowledge bases for multiple brands

Understanding how GFI HelpDesk handles multi-brand knowledge bases

Building a multi-brand knowledge base

Using template groups to create a branded support experience

Understanding user groups

How helpdesk handles registration and authentication?

Configuring template groups

Restricting content visibility

Removing the login form from your support site

Adding quicklinks to your support site with widgets

Integrating GFI HelpDesk with Identity Providers

Setting up automatic approval of support center comments

Preventing spam for helpcenter comments using CAPTCHA and Akismet

Enabling LoginShare for user accounts

Enabling additional language packs

Setting up SEO-friendly URLs

Disabling staff LoginShare from database

Changing or modifying the registration policy consent text

Disabling 'Automatically set ticket owner to active staff user' option

Sending emails in bulk

Preventing spam tickets in GFI HelpDesk

Enabling LoginShare for staff user accounts

Understanding sections in language packs

Configuring remote authentication using LoginShare

Moderating comments on knowledge base articles

Configuring time zones in GFI HelpDesk

Running multiple support sites from one GFI HelpDesk instance

Sharing secure access to your GFI HelpDesk

Sharing secure access to your systems