Error "From Email is Empty #0..." when parsing emails

Sometimes, when a user tries to send an email with multiline headers or a From address that contains special characters, they see the error in the email parser log that says From Email is Empty #0. This article provides information on how to fix this issue.

This issue is a known bug that was caused by the code that handles multiple recipients or missing quotes that were not present. The parser was detecting the data on the From field as invalid.

If you are still using GFI HelpDesk 4.93.0, then you are likely to encounter this issue since it is a known bug on this version which was fixed in GFI HelpDesk 4.93.02 and higher versions. So to resolve this issue, you need to upgrade your helpdesk to the latest version available.

To upgrade to the latest version of GFI HelpDesk, please visit the Upgrading or Downgrading Your GFI HelpDesk.