Understanding sections in language packs

This article provides information on the different sections of the Language Packs that you can use in GFI HelpDesk.

The language packs for GFI HelpDesk Fusion are separated into distinct sections. Each section contains a collection of phrases that are common to a particular area of the product. When adding your own language phrase entries, you may want to be sure that you add it under the correct section.

Here is an alphabetical list of the sections available and a short description of which part of the product they are related to:

Section Name Description
Default The "global" section. Use this if there is no specific section you would like to target.
Changepassword The change password section of the user account area (after logging in).
Emailarticle The Email Article feature of the knowledgebase.
Index The main index page of the client support center.
Knowledgebase The knowledgebase section.
Lostpassword The lost password area of the client support center.
Myaccount The user account area of the client support center (after logging in).
News Phrases loaded exclusively for the news article RSS feed.
Newsclient The news section (excluding RSS feed).
Ticketemails Phrases loaded exclusively for outgoing e-mails related to tickets (such as ticket receipts).
Tickets The tickets area (ticket list, ticket view, ticket submission, ticket reply).
Troubleshooter The troubleshooter section.