Modifying notification email templates

You can customize your notification template by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the GFI HelpDesk admin control panel.
  2. Click on Templates in the left navigation bar.
  3. Under that, click Groups and select the required template group.
  4. In the Edit Template Group window that opens, click the Templates button.
  5. Click General to expand the category.
  6. Expand the general category


    We are going to start with the staff notification templates, which are called emailnotification_text for plain text emails and emailnotification_html for HTML emails.

    Staff notification templates

  7. Let us start with emailnotification_text. Click on it from the list to open the template for editing.
  8. In the Template Contents text area, you see the default variable: {$_notificationContentsText. Select and delete this variable:
  9. Delete variable

  10. Now, to add your preferred content to the template, you can add any combination of the following variables:
    Simply copy them and paste them into the Template Contents window in the order in which they should appear.
  11. Variable Function
    <{$_ticketNotification[subject]}> Ticket subject
    <{$_ticketNotification[ticketid]}> Ticket ID/mask
    <{$_ticketNotification[ticketlink]}> Ticket hyperlink
    <{$_ticketNotification[fullname]}> Customer's full name
    <{$_ticketNotification[email]}> Customer's email address
    <{$_ticketNotification[phoneno]}> Customer's phone number
    <{$_ticketNotification[creator]}> Creator (that is, user/staff)
    <{$_ticketNotification[department]}> Ticket department
    <{$_ticketNotification[owner]}> Ticket owner's full name
    <{$_ticketNotification[type]}> Ticket type
    <{$_ticketNotification[status]}> Ticket status
    <{$_ticketNotification[priority]}> Ticket priority
    <{$_ticketNotification[slaplantitle]}> SLA plan on ticket
    <{$_ticketNotification[templategrouptitle]}> Template group used
    <{$_ticketNotification[created]}> Ticket creation date & time
    <{$_ticketNotification[updated]}> Last activity date & time
    <{$_ticketNotification[userorganization]}> User's organization name
    <{$_ticketNotification[changedby]}> The person who made changes
    <{$_ticketNotification[changes]}> Changes that took place
    <{$_ticketNotification[content]}> Last ticket post contents
    <{$_ticketNotification[duedate]}> Reply due date & time
    <{$_ticketNotification[resolutionduedate]}> Resolution due date & time

    Custom fields:

    Variable Function
    <{$_customFields[GroupName][FieldName]}> Custom field data
  12. Click the Save & Reload button.
  13. Save & reload

  14. Next, to configure the emailnotification_html template, click the Back to return to the list of templates.
  15. Click back

  16. Click emailnotification_html in the list to open it for editing.
  17. Click emailnotification_html

  18. Look for variable <{$_notificationContentsHTML}> and delete it, and add your own variables, as in step 7 above.
  19. Save the Template changes by clicking the Save & Reload button on top.
  20. Click Save and Reload

  21. Click the Back button to return to the list of General templates.
  22. Click Back

  23. To edit the user notification email templates, you can follow exactly the steps as above, but you're looking for emailnotificationuser_html and emailnotificationuser_text. The same variables are supported.