Enabling Live Chat on GFI HelpDesk

You might want to provide real-time support to your customers to increase satisfaction. The good news is, GFI HelpDesk's live chat feature enables your team to provide fast, friendly help to your customers from your support center, as well as any website you choose.

This topic provides details on how to enable Live Chat for your Support Center.

The quickest way to start offering real-time support is to have your team install GFI HelpDesk Desktop and get online. That automatically switches your support center's live chat button into the 'online' mode. For many customers, that is all you need. However, you do have the option to customize the appearance of your live chat button.

There are two versions for GFI HelpDesk Desktop, the Windows and the Mac version. Please click on the links below for instructions on how to install and configure each software.


Your staff can receive and respond to customer chats if they belong to a Live Support department. If you need help creating a new department or assigning staff to a department, refer to the Organizing your support requests into departments.