Disabling automated emails

Sending automated emails can make a support persons’ life easy as they do not need to look and acknowledge new requests while sitting on their desks, or keep a constant track of time so that an important follow-up with a client is not missed. However, automated emails do not fit in all business requirements, and you may need to stop all or some of them.

This topic provides the different types of automated emails that GFI HelpDesk sends and, along with it, the options to stop them.

Below is a list of automated emails in GFI HelpDesk and where to disable them:

  • Registration email

    Every new user registered in helpdesk receives a welcome email. It can be disabled by turning off the Send registration confirmation email option available under Users > Settings in Admin Interface.

  • Autoresponder email

    It is dispatched to the ticket creator confirming the receipt of a new ticket in helpdesk as an acknowledgment. It can be disabled from:

    • Tickets created via Support Center:

      Go to Admin Interface > Users > Manage User Groups > Permissions > Receives new ticket Autoresponder.

    • Tickets created via Email Queues:

      Go to Admin Interface > Email Parser > Email Queues > Ticket Options > Send new ticket Autoresponder.

  • Ticket survey email

    Ticket survey is enabled for Closed status in a standard installation, that is, the user receives the survey email automatically when you change the ticket status to closed. Disable the Send satisfaction survey email option to stop the survey emails from being sent for Closed status from Admin Interface > Settings > Tickets > Statuses.

  • Auto-close notification emails

    If you have an active auto-close rule in your helpdesk, your users receive "ticket inactivity and closure" notification emails respective to the rule criteria. These notification emails can be stopped from being sent by navigating to Admin Interface > Tickets > Auto Close.

  • Staff notifications

    Your staff may receive notification emails on user account registration/updating or different ticket events. You may check and disable notification rules from Staff Interface under Home > Notifications.