Understanding how GFI HelpDesk handles multi-brand knowledge bases

GFI HelpDesk is designed to support multiple brand-specific front-ends all from one common back-end management interface.

To make sure that your branded content appears in the right place, to the right audience, with the right formatting, there are several elements that need to be in place:

  • creating new user groups for each brand you want to use. GFI HelpDesk uses these to control the visibility of the different categories and articles.
  • assigning user accounts to different user groups.
  • control the look of the branded support sites, you'll define a template group for each brand, and link those templates to the corresponding user groups.
  • building categories for each brand and link them to a particular user group so that any articles in those categories only appear on that brand's knowledge base.
  • updating your support site links in order to route traffic to the knowledge base for a brand.

Once each of those elements is in place, your team can write and publish self-service articles and easily restrict them to a particular branded knowledge base. Read on for detailed instructions for how to set up a multi-brand knowledge to support three example brands.