GFI HelpDesk is available in yearly subscriptions from GFI Software or one of the certified GFI Partners. It is licensed by User and a single live accessible installation of the Software is permitted and optionally an additional 1 (one) private installation is available for use only by Customer for internal testing purposes.

Each live installation of the Software can be accessed through the licensed domain names associated with the license.

License files are available for download from the GFI Accounts portal at and the latest file should be used at all times. In order to increase the number of users this can be done at renewal or another other time by reaching out to GFI Software or the GFI Partner.

To change your domain names reach out to the GFI Customer Care team on

Include the following information on your email:

  • On which license this is linked to your account on
  • The final list of the domains that should be in the license

In case of adjustments to a trial license, you can simply request a new trial license from

Learn more about downloading and upgrading licenses.