Email template variables

Most outgoing emails from GFI HelpDesk are rendered through their respective email templates.

Generally, these templates include language phrases, plain text, HTML/CSS, logical statements, and template variables. This means that you have a lot of options for controlling how the notifications appears to you and your customers.

Variables can be used in email templates to fill in specific content elements related to either a user or a ticket.

For example, if you want each notification email to start with Dear [Customer's Name], you can use a variable in the email template to supply the Customer Name for each recipient.

The notification email templates being discussed here are:

  • staff notification template
  • user notification template

Additionally, each template has two versions:

  • HTML version
  • plain text version

You can set your preference for which format to use in the admin control panel, and then modify the matching template.


Each of these starts out with just a single variable, called either $_notificationContentsHTML or $_notificationContentsText, depending on the template.

These variables contain the default contents of your notification emails. If you ever want to restore the default contents for your emails, you can just delete your changes and replace them the default variable.