Setting staff permissions to moderate comments on knowledge base articles

The staff members can approve, delete, or mark comments as spam provided the team they belong to has the required permissions.

The permissions to delete the comments can be assigned to the teams by the administrator from the Admin Control Panel.

This topic provides steps involved in setting the staff's permission to moderate comments on knowledgebase articles.


You can also configure the settings to auto-approve the comments.

To configure the permission:

  1. Log in to your Admin Control Panel.
  2. Go to Staff > Manage Teams.
  3. Navigate to manage teams

  4. Select the Team you want to manage by checking it.
  5. select your team

  6. Click the 'Permissions: Staff' tab and scroll down to the Base section.
  7. Click 'Permissions: Staff' tab

  8. In the Comments section, select the action (View, Update, or Delete) you want to grant.
  9. Select action

  10. Click Update to save the changes.