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Installation issues

Installing and configuring Kayako Desktop for macOS (KDFM)

Installing and Configuring Kayako Desktop for Windows (KDFW)

Blank Page During Installation

Downloading the files needed for upgrading GFI HelpDesk

Error: 'Failed opening required __swift/config/config.php'

Error: 'Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost''

Running 'phpinfo' on GFI Helpdesk server

Error: 'The 'X' Module is not configured to load with PHP' During System Requirements Check

Disabling MySQL strict mode on the server

Error: 'Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061)'

Common issues

Disabling the autoresponder email for unregistered users

Adding videos or images in knowledge base articles

Restricting Visibility for Your Help Center Content

LoginShare Error: Invalid Data Provided: 2

Moving data from another helpdesk system to GFI HelpDesk

Sharing a ticket submission link of a specific department to customers

Knowledge base search not returning relevant results

Error: Uncaught Exception: Invalid data provided22 (0)

Search functionality for users in the help center

Changing the name of a widget

Changing the ticket id type to show a sequence of numbers

Fetching POP3/IMAP Emails Manually

Live Chat is offline even after logging into the staff control panel

Using different company names and logos for different client interfaces

Fatal Error: 'Call to undefined function mysql_connect()'

Codecs supported with VoIP feature in Kayako Desktop

Troubleshooting session expired errors

Fetching POP3/IMAP emails from GFI HelpDesk

Users Not Displaying in Kayako Desktop

Identifying who deleted a ticket

Preventing users from changing the properties of their tickets

Disabling Search Bar on Client Support Center

Translating Language Packs

Explaining the icons at the bottom of the send ticket window

Attaching files to macro-generated replies

Replying to multiple tickets simultaneously

Removing staff names from ticket replies

Starting a chat without entering user details

Disabling knowledge base article suggestions on the submit ticket page

Marking tickets as spam

Assigning tickets to staff members automatically

How do I use GeoIP to enable Map View on Kayako Desktop?

Enabling the knowledge base search to look for the short words

Changing the default colors for ticket statuses and priorities

Effects of deleting a department on the tickets and chats

Restricting custom fields to select user groups

Controlling commenting on knowledge base articles specific to user groups

Difference between AND and OR criteria

Preventing emails from being labeled as spam

Preventing staff from reassigning tickets

Stopping the Autoresponder from Being Sent

Changing the helpdesk domain name

Unlocking GFI HelpDesk Account After Unsuccessful Login Attempts

Accessing the bcc field on tickets

Creating Canned Responses

Use of breaklines

Adding Staff Members

Customizing the ticket submission form

Cron's running frequency

Ticket search not working in the staff control panel

Appending Email Replies to Existing Tickets

Seeing survey responses from users

Changing the 'To' Email ID when replying to a ticket

Preventing staff from trashing tickets

Size limit for an email attachment

Allowing users to edit the ticket type and priority fields when submitting tickets

Setting up department permissions based on user groups

Error 'csrfhash'

Error launching GFI HelpDesk: 'Get() on a non-object'

Restricting users from setting the ticket priority

Error when sending email replies: 'Client does not have permissions to send as this sender'

Using custom field data when customizing email templates

CC recipients allowed on an email in GFI HelpDesk

Setting a default status for replying to tickets

Deleting tickets in bulk for GFI HelpDesk

Maintaining the status when users are replying to tickets

Using placeholders

Changing the color of overdue tickets

SLAs not being applied the same way to all the tickets

Error: Invalid Core Data

Editing the list of 'From' email addresses that appears when replying to a customer

Error : 'Missing fields one of the required field is empty or contains invalid data' when editing the properties of an email queue

Backing up templates

Changing the global page limit for ticket views

Entered email same as customer email error

Showing Empty View When Searching for Tickets

Enabling breaklines in the ticket thread

Other issues

Publishing news from other sites to own support site

User subscription to news articles

Is Kayako Desktop available for non-Windows devices (e.g. Mac)?

Changing the GFI HelpDesk admin email address

Resetting the Support Center Password

Maximum number of registered users allowed on a support site

Disabling the user registration form on support site