Adding quicklinks to your support site with widgets

Widgets refer to the Hyperlinks buttons that reside on the main client support interface which redirect users to a specific section such as:

  • Ticket submission form
  • User registration section
  • Knowledgebase

The following widgets are available in the helpdesk by default and can be accessed by selecting Widgets on the admin control panel.

Widget Description
Register Users can register their account via this widget.
Submit a Ticket Users can submit tickets for reporting their issues from the Client Support Center.
Knowledgebase The knowledgebase is a database of categorized articles that act as an information repository (much like a frequently asked question database) for the clients.
News A collection of latest updates about an organization, new products launched or new features added in the existing product are visible to the clients in the News section.
Troubleshooter Troubleshooter wizard guides the clients through a series of sequential instructions which enable self-diagnosis and resolution of the issue they are facing. The clients are offered step-by-step problem solving using a story-board of questions and answers helping the user resolve their issue.
View Tickets This widget is only visible to a logged-in user to check their current tickets statuses.

Renaming the Widgets Title

The widget's title can be renamed by following the below steps:

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Click Widgets.
  3. Select the Widget and click the Widget label to edit.