Handling large emails in GFI HelpDesk

This topic guides you on how to handle large emails in GFI HelpDesk.

Theoretically, there is no limitation on email size to be fetched to the helpdesk. The email size would depend upon the resources available on the server hosting the helpdesk.

The helpdesk has the following settings which affect email file size:

  • By default, the value of Email Size Limit is set to 2048áKB (2áMB).
  • This defines the maximum size of email that can be fetched into the helpdesk; the helpdesk rejects any message which is above this size.

Maximum number of emails to download in a batch

This can be accessed through Admin CP > Settings > Email Parser where the Email Size Limit can be found as well.

The setting defines the maximum number of emails that is fetched upon a single execution of the CRON script. If you want to fetch large emails, value for Maximum number of emails to download in a batch should be set to low. The default value is 20.

Example: 20 emails are fetched for each email queue on single execution of CRON script. The value should be kept low to prevent server overload and memory dump.

The value of Email Size Limit depends upon the below-mentioned PHP parameters:

  • max_input_time
  • max_execution_time
  • memory_limit
  • post_max_size
  • upload_max_filesize

These parameters are directly proportional to Email Size Limit; the higher the value, the more resources are required by PHP. Therefore, the settings mentioned above need to be increased in accordance with the server resources.

You can update incoming email attachment size by navigating to Admin CP > Email Parser > Settings > Email size limit.