Adding a Click-to-Call button to your site

Click-to-Call is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks a button, image or text to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time by phone call.

The feature of Click to Call is provided in the GFI HelpDesk Desktop application, using which incoming and outgoing calls can be made.

For using Click to Call, code can be generated from Admin CP > Tag Generator > Click to Call and can be placed at any page(s) of a website.

When the customers click on the icon, a window opens , where they need to mention their calling number. After clicking on "Call Me" automatically a call, and a chat request would be routed to the available phone operator in GFI HelpDesk Desktop application.

Make sure that your staff configure GFI HelpDesk Desktop application with your VoIP details, which can be done from:

GFI HelpDesk Desktop > File > Settings > Phone:

For more information on setting up the VoIP, see Enabling VoIP/Phone support in Kayako Desktop.


Click to Call feature is not available with GFI HelpDesk Case. It is only available with GFI HelpDesk Fusion and GFI HelpDesk Engage.