Preventing spam emails using Bayesian Filtering

Bayesian is the process of using a naive Bayes classifier to help train or untrain the helpdesk and identify e-mails on different parameters.

This topic shows how to prevent spam emails using Bayesian Filtering.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Manage Bayesian from Admin CP > Bayesian.
  2. Train or untrain the helpdesk to update or increase the value of the probability of incoming content respective to the categories.

The helpdesk can be trained on Bayesian using three different ways:

  • Workflows.
  • Mass Action of tickets.
  • From Admin CP > Bayesian >Diagnostics.

Multiple decisions can be taken on the basis of Bayesian probability values by:

  • Forwarding of incoming emails to a specific email address by creating the Pre Parser rules.
  • Routing the tickets to the specific department by creating the Post Parser rule.
  • Creating different Workflows to perform specific actions.
  • Creating SLA plans to meet specific requirements.
  • Spam filtering.