Email queues and how they work

Setting up email queues allows GFI HelpDesk to go out, check a specific email address for messages, and then pull those messages into your helpdesk.

Once email address queue is set up, any message sent to that address are converted into a ticket and added to GFI HelpDesk.

GFI HelpDesk staff can view and respond to the request just as any other ticket.

In addition, when a staff member replies to a ticket, the customers receives the reply in their email inbox and can continue to respond via email.

Understanding how email queues work

GFI HelpDesk uses email queues to fetch emails and convert them into tickets automatically. From admin console, go to Email Parser > Email queues to set your first queue. Once created emails sent to this queue are automatically fetched and converted to a ticket.

For any non-GFI HelpDesk email address you want to use, you can create additional email queues.

For example, you might want to set up several email queues for different addresses at your company domain, say,,, and

If you are migrating from another solution to GFI HelpDesk or migrating your email services, you need to update your new email hostname, user and password in GFI HelpDesk to keep emails working as expected.

Each email address gets its own queue in GFI HelpDesk, which uses one of three methods to connect to your account:

Once a queue is added for an address, GFI HelpDesk can be configured to handle tickets that are created from that queue. For example, you could configure your email queue for to automatically assign its tickets to the Sales department and set their priority to High.