Restricting content visibility

Content in helpdesk can be restricted on the basis of the user group. We help you get started:

  • Knowledgebase categories: Each knowledgebase article is linked to a category and any category (except for Parent category) can be restricted on the basis of user groups. This can be done via ‘Permissions: Users’ tab of a knowledge base category from Staff interface > Knowledgebase > Categories.
  • News articles: Each news article’s visibility on Support center can be restricted individually from ‘Permissions (Users)’ tab when creating or editing a new article from Staff interface > News > Insert News / Manage News.
  • Departments: visibility of departments can be controlled similarly from ‘Permissions: Users’ tab of a department from Admin interface, Departments > Manage department. Similar restrictions can be placed on the basis of user group for widgets, troubleshooters, custom fields and various ticket properties.

For modifying Templates, refer to Getting started with modifications