Importing Users from Other CRM or Mailing List

Many organizations maintain their clients' or end users' database, and they expect to use the same database in their GFI HelpDesk Helpdesk for the sake of user database integrity. Hence, the option to import the users' database from a different CRM or mailing list is introduced in GFI HelpDesk to facilitate this.

This topic guides you on how to import users from other CRM or mailing list.

Getting CSV file ready

To import user's database in GFI HelpDesk, the database backup should be in CSV file format.

The format for the CSV file should be as follows:

EmailAddress | FirstName | LastName | Organization | Phone Number | Salutation | Designation | Email Domain Filter | Address | City | State | Postal code | Country | Phone | Fax | Website

For example:, Jack, Russel, GFI HelpDesk, 9876942040, Mr, Manager,, Sco 123 G.T Road, Jalandhar, Punjab, 144001, India, 01812934839, 01813231432,

The first three fields are mandatory. The columns must be comma separated as shown in the above example. They cannot be separated by semi-colon.

Importing users

Once your CSV file is ready, you can import the users in your GFI HelpDesk from: Staff control panel > Users > Import Users.

Choose the CSV file where you want to import the users.

When your import is done, you can check to confirm that the users have been created successfully by going to Staff CP and navigating to Users > Manage Users and Manage Organizations.