Changing or modifying the registration policy consent text

When a user registers or subscribes to get access to your Help Center, they are asked to agree with GFI HelpDesk's Privacy Policy Statement by checking the box of the consent policy statement.

The default statement is, "I consent for GFI HelpDesk to process my data and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy." This statement can be customized for your organization.

This topic provides the steps on how to alter the text on the Privacy Policy Statement.

To modify the registration policy consent text:

  1. Log in to GFI HelpDesk Admin CP and go to Languages > Search.
  2. In the Search field, enter regpolicytext.
  3. Type regpolicytext in search field

  4. Click Search.
  5. Click search

  6. Modify the text inside the box for the fields fieldregpolicytext and regpolicytext to your desired message.
  7. Click Update to save the changes.
  8. Click update