Sharing secure access to your GFI HelpDesk

Your GFI HelpDesk helpdesk is the central hub for all of your customer support operations. Any issue or bug that can impact your support center needs to be resolved quickly. Although we do our best to provide solutions to common problems in our self-service content and through conversations with our support team, there are times when more hands-on assistance is necessary.

For those situations, our support team may ask you to share direct access to your helpdesk and/or web server to enable us to diagnose and resolve the problem you are running into.

In this section, you can go through our policy on sharing access, and detail the steps necessary for sharing that access in the most secure manner possible.

Understanding when and how to share access to your helpdesk

Please remember:

  • Any type of system access is sensitive and should only be done when absolutely necessary.
  • We only request access to your systems when we have exhausted all other options, such as when we are troubleshooting high/critical issues that cannot be addressed through our self-service content or regular support.

With this in mind, the GFI HelpDesk support agent handling your case explains three important things to you in full detail before performing any type of troubleshooting:

  • The error or potential errors causing the issue
  • Which system they require access to and why
  • How the issue is addressed

If your company network policy restricts you from providing access to your systems, let us know and we can discuss alternatives, like shared and/or supervised remote access.