Explaining the icons at the bottom of the send ticket window

Tickets can be created by staff members from the Staff Control Panel, either for sending a general email to a client or for creating a ticket on their behalf.

The Send Mail option (Staff CP > New Ticket > Send Mail) is used to send an email to the clients' email address, just like an email client.

The As User/Phone option (Staff CP > New Ticket > As User/Phone) is used to create the phone ticket for issues reported by the clients. It creates a ticket in a similar way as when the clients create them from the Client Support Center.

The check-boxes at the bottom of the contents box are explained below.

Option Description
Send Mail Ensures that an email is sent with the contents of the ticket to the email address of the client.
Macro Add the reply to the Macros while replying.
Knowledgebase Add the reply as a knowledgebase article.
Watch Enable alerts of this particular ticket for client and staff replies.
Worked Enter the time worked for a ticket post.
Billable Enter the Billable time of a ticket post.