Attaching files to macro-generated replies

This topic explains how to attach files to macro-generated replies.

Macros can be used to generate predefined replies from Staff CP > Tickets > Macros > Insert Replies. But it is not possible to attach files in macros.

However, this can be achieved by creating a private knowledge base article which is accessible to staff members only. Follow the steps given below:

  1. For private knowledge base articles, the "Private" category can be inserted from Staff CP > Knowledgebase > Categories.
  2. Further, an article can be inserted from Staff CP > Knowledgebase > New Article, and the files can be attached to the knowledge base article.
  3. These knowledge base articles can be used in ticket replies by selecting the article from the knowledgebase drop-down under Quick Insert.
  4. Once the article is selected, the file is automatically attached to the ticket reply.