Assigning tickets to staff members automatically

When tickets are created in the help desk, they are unassigned, with no ownership. To assign new tickets to the staff members, you need to manually open the tickets and change the ownership. Additionally, the ticket can be assigned to a predetermined staff member as soon as a ticket comes into the help desk.

For the Tickets Created via Email Queue

The tickets created via email queue can be assigned to a particular staff member using mail parser rules. You can create mail parser rules from Admin CP > Mail Parser > Rules > New.

The criteria can be set up from the General tab page as follows:

  • *Is Reply: Equal: False
  • *Subject: Contains: specify the subject of the email (criteria completely depends on your requirements).
  • *Destination Email Address: Equal: address of an email queue.
  • *Actions: post parse
  • *Assign the ticket: select the staff member name from the drop-down.

Now, if any of the users sends an email at the address specified in the email queue (mentioned in the above rule), then the ticket is created in the department corresponding to the email queue and assigned to the selected staff member.

For the Tickets Created from Support Center

Tickets created from Client Support Center can be assigned to the staff members automatically by inserting the SLA plan and by linking the Escalation rule with the SLA plan.

  • You can insert the SLA (service-level agreement) plan from Admin CP > SLA > Plans > New.
  • You can insert the criteria according to your requirements and can define the timeline (due time) for the tickets to get Overdue. Once the tickets become overdue, they are escalated according to the Escalation rule.
  • Escalation rule can be created from Admin CP > Escalations > New. Further, the escalation rule needs to be linked with the SLA plan under the SLA Plan field and then you can select the staff member to whom you wish to assign the tickets under Assign the staff column.