Seeing survey responses from users

This topic indicates where you can see survey responses from users.

Customer's surveys for both Live Chats and Tickets can be viewed in the Staff CP. You can also run reports on them.

  • Settings for Chat Surveys: These settings can be found under Staff CP > Live Support > Messages/Surveys. Keep in mind that a star symbol represents surveys.
  • Settings for Ticket Surveys: You can find the survey comments on the ticket itself, as a private post. It is highlighted to differentiate it from an original post.
  • Report to see all Ticket Survey responses: You can create a report with the following KQL code to see all Ticket Survey responses:
      SELECT 'Tickets.Ticket ID', 'Ticket Posts. Contents' FROM 'Ticket Posts' WHERE 'Ticket Posts.Is Survey Comment' = '1'
    • If you were to look for Ticket Survey scores, we have some example reports defined in our KQL Condition & Operator Reference.