Using custom field data when customizing email templates

In GFI HelpDesk, it is possible to use custom fields data when customizing email templates. To do so, just like any other type of field, you can use data from custom fields when editing the templates for autoresponders and notification emails. This article provides the details to do so.

  • To specify a custom field as a variable in a template, you'll use the following tag: <{$_customFields[GroupName][FieldName]}>
  • You can then replace GroupName and FieldName with the actual group and field names for your custom field.
  • GFI HelpDesk then adds that field's data to the email copy.

Only ticket custom fields can be used in the notifications email templates.

Valid examples for the GroupName and FieldName

  • GroupNameTesting group
  • FieldNameTesting, Testing text, Text-area, Select_value, Testing-123

Valid template changes are:

<{$_customFields[Testing_roup][Testing]}><br />
<{$_customFields[Testing_group][Testing_text]}><br />
<{$_customFields[Testing_group][Text_area]}><br />
<{$_customFields[Testing_group][Select_value]}><br />
<{$_customFields[Testing_group][Testing_123]}><br />

For more information, see: