Restricting custom fields to select user groups

This topic provides an answer to one of the frequently asked questions on whether it is possible to restrict custom fields to select user groups or not.

Is it possible to restrict custom fields to certain user groups? Not exactly. Custom fields cannot be restricted to particular user groups directly, but as a workaround, you can associate custom fields with particular departments and then restrict those departments to specific user groups to achieve the same effect.

To do this:

  1. Start by creating custom fields from Admin CP > Custom Fields > Groups > New.
  2. Link them with the associated departments.
  3. To restrict the department to specific user groups, assign it only to the registered user group. It can be done by going to Admin CP > Departments > Manage Departments > Permissions : Users > Restrict to Custom User Groups = Registered

As a result, when any of the registered users logs in to the Support Center, they are able to see the specific departments only when submitting tickets, and the associated custom fields are shown upon selecting the department.