Restricting visibility for your help center content

The core purpose of the Help Center is to house your customer-facing support docs. But many teams have more complex requirements for their self-service content.

By using GFI HelpDesk's visibility restrictions (referred within the Staff CP as Scope), you can host not only content that's restricted to certain customers but also content that's only visible to your own support agents.

This topic provides valuable information about how visibility works on the Help Center.

Understanding Help Center Content Visibility

All restrictions to your Help Center content are controlled at the category level. You can choose from the following basic tiers of access:

  • Global: This tier is for both your end users and your staff.
  • Public: This option is used to restrict the category to only your end users of your Help Center. You can also be more specific as to which types of users can have access to your Help Center by enabling or disabling visibility to explicit user groups.
  • Private: This option can be used to create an internal Help Center accessible to any logged-in agent. You can also get more specific, by restricting categories to agents in particular teams.
  • Inherit: This option is only available when you specify a category within another one and after you have saved these changes; just like the name says, it makes the child category inherit the access specified on the parent's category.

If a child category has defined their scope as Public, but its parent category has its scope set as Private, the child category is not accessible to end users.