How to configure Kerio Operator to connect to

Learn how to connect Kerio Operator to a SIPSession Initiation Protocol - A communication protocol used for voice and video calls in Internet telephony or private IP telephone systems. account with


This information is designed for Kerio Operator 2.4 and newer.


We assume that you already have a Ha-vel SIP account and know your SIP credentials. (If you do not know the credentials, login to your account at

Before starting this procedure, ensure you have:

  • Your phone number registered with We assume it as 123456789 in our example below.
  • Your password.
  • SIP proxy address (currently

These details can be found by logging into, under Information / Informace and SIP/IAX Settings / Nastaveni SIP/IAX sections .


  1. Log in to the Kerio Operator admin interface.
  2. Go to the Call Routing section and click Add a SIP Interface.
  3. Name your new interface and enter your assigned phone number.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the desired internal extension (queue, script, conference or group) and optionally specify the outbound prefixCountry codes, area codes, a number, or a set of numbers that are dialed before the telephone numbers..
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter into the Domain (IP address/hostname) field.
  8. Key in the assigned phone number into Username field and password into Password field.
  9. Click Next.

  1. Open route configuration again, go to the CodecsPrograms used in streaming media and audio/video conferencing that encodes or decodes digital data streams and signals. tab and remove unsupported codecs (SpeeX, G.722 and G.726 codecs).
  2. Click OK.