Introduction to Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator is a VoIPVoice over Internet protocol - A digital telephone system that uses the internet as the transmission medium, rather than the PSTN. based phone system that provides enterprise-class voice and video communication capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses globally. Easy to administer and flexible to deploy, as a software appliance, a virtual machine, a hardware applianceKerio Operator installed and delivered with standardized and tested hardware box., or a cloud solution.

Kerio Operator brings support for high-quality codecs, such as Opus for voice and H.264 for video.

The automatic provisioning feature brings fast setup for various phone systems, such as Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom and Snom phones.

Its advanced security technologies keep telephone hackers out, prevent misuse and ensure the privacy of your users and those they call. Kerio Operator continually monitors for anomalous behavior, detects and prevents break-in attempts and supports call encryption.

Kerio Operator also includes various call handling features which are used on a daily basis, such as auto attendant scripts, advanced call forwarding, call pickup, Busy Lamp FieldA set of indicators that monitor the current state (online, offline, busy, on a call) of a phone extension. (BLFBusy Lamp Field - A set of indicators that monitor the current state (online, offline, busy, on a call) of a phone extension.), and many more.

You can stay in control of all your Kerio Operator appliances through Kerio’s centralized web interface - MyKerio.

This help system includes technical information about how to deploy, use, configure and troubleshoot Kerio Operator.

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