Installing Kerio Operator

Product Editions

Edition Description
Software ApplianceA special operating system designed to be installed on a computer.

Kerio Operator Software Appliance is an all-in-one package of Kerio Operator which also includes a special operating system.

Designed to be installed on a computer without an operating system, this edition is distributed as an installation disc. Software Appliance cannot be installed on a computer with another operating system and it does not allow to install other applications. For more information refer to Kerio Operator Software Appliance.

VMware Virtual AppliancePre-configured Kerio Operator virtual machine image for VMware.

A virtual appliance designed for use in VMware products.

VMware Virtual Appliance is a Software Appliance edition pre-installed on a virtual host for VMware. The virtual appliance is distributed as OVF and VMX. For more information refer to Kerio Operator VMware Appliance.

Kerio Operator Box Hardware device ready for network connection. There are two types which differ in performance. For more information refer to Kerio Operator Box.

Kerio Operator Software Appliance

For Kerio Operator system requirements, refer to the Kerio Operator product pages.

You obtain Kerio Operator as a standard ISO image which you need to burn on a CD. Boot from this CD and install the Kerio Operator operating system. The Kerio Operator application is also installed during the process.

How to connect Kerio Operator Software Appliance to network

After booting the system, a console with the IP address for Kerio Operator is displayed.

If you use a DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol - A protocol that automatically gives IP addresses and additional configuration to hosts in a network. service on your network, Kerio Operator will be assigned an IP address automatically and will connect to the network. If you do not use or do not wish to use DHCP for Kerio Operator, you have to set the IP address manually.

The current network configuration is displayed (and can be changed) in the Kerio Operator console in section Network Configuration. To set a static network address:

  1. Select the Assign static IP address option in the console menu.
  2. In the network interface on which the PBXPrivate Branch Exchange - System that connects telephone extensions and switches calls. should communicate, select the Assign static IP address option and enter the IP address, subnet mask and IP addresses of gateway and DNS server.

If you know the DNS name of the PBX, you can connect to it and configure it via web interface.


Immediately after you connect Kerio Operator to the network, we recommend to read topic concerning the security measures. Meeting security principles for Kerio Operator operation is extremely important. If the PBX is not protected by a firewall and supporting security rules, your internal telephone extension can be misused which may result in unexpected financial costs.

Kerio Operator VMware Appliance

For supported VMware product versions, check

Use an installation package in accordance with the type of your VMware product:

VMware ESX/ESXi automatically downloads the OVF configuration file and a corresponding disk image (.vmdk).

If you import virtual appliance in the OVF format, bear the following specifics in mind:

  • In the imported virtual appliance, time synchronization between the host and the virtual appliance is disabled. However, Kerio Operator features a proprietary mechanism for synchronization of time with public Internet time servers. Therefore, it is not necessary to enable synchronization with the host.
  • Tasks for shutdown or restart of the virtual machine will be set to default values after the import. These values can be set to hard shutdown or hard reset. However, this may cause a loss of data on the virtual appliance. Kerio Operator VMware Virtual Appliance supports so called Soft Power Operations which allow to shut down or restart hosted operating system properly. Therefore, it is recommended to set shutdown or restart of the hosted operating system as the value.

For more information refer to How to connect Kerio Operator Software Appliance to network.

Kerio Operator Box

For currently supported Kerio Operator Box configurations, refer to the Kerio Operator product pages.

For detailed information on connecting the device into the network, see the Kerio Operator Box 1000/3000 Series and Kerio Operator Box V300 installation guides.

How to connect to the hardware box from the network

Upon the first start, the appliance has a static IP address set to on ethernet port 1. There are two ways to change the configuration:

  • In the console — use an Ethernet cable to connect to the console. In the console menu, select the Network Configuration option and change the configuration.
  • In the administration interface in section System. To connect to Kerio Operator, set the following TCP/IP parameters on your computer:
  1. IP address:
  2. Subnet mask:

To shut down the appliance:

  1. Connect to Kerio Operator via the console and select the Shutdown command.
  2. Kerio Operator series 1000 will shut down. Kerio Operator series 3000 will stop the server, however, the physical appliance stays switched on. Wait until you are not able to connect to Kerio Operator via Kerio Operator administration and turn the appliance off using the pwr button on the appliance.