Integrate with Active Directory


You can configure the options in the Active Directory tab only after the Exinda AD Connector is installed and configured on a designated network server that has access to the Active Directory Server. You will see the Active Directory Server details on this tab only when the configuration is completed successfully.

Configuring Active Directory allows the Exinda Appliance to accept network users and groups from Active Directory (e.g logins, IPInternet protocol address, group membership) resulting in the ability to:

  • Expose Active Directory usernames in monitoring and reporting, no longer having to view users as IP addresses.
  • Use Active Directory groups and usernames in optimization policies, thereby implementing QoSQuality of Service and Optimization Polices based on individual users or entire groups.

To configure Active Directory, you need to install the Exinda AD Connector on a designated network server, configure various settings, and then proceed to configure the port and password settings on the Active Directory tab on eachExinda Appliance.

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