Monitoring applications with the Exinda Solution Center

The Exinda Solution Center provides a series of predefined monitors you can run to generate network performance reports for applications like FTP, SSH,, Office365 VoIP and many more.

The generated reports answer questions, such as:

  • How is performing for network users?
  • How are critical applications performing on the network?
  • How can I best mitigate data center disasters?

Each solution description indicates which Exinda OS version is required to run the solution, shown both in the solution list and in each solution description. You may need to upgrade your Exinda OS version to take advantage of the desired solutions. Some solutions may not yet be available and are shown as ‘Coming soon’.

The Exinda Solution Center

Performance monitors are divided into four solution categories: Application Performance, Network Governance, Project Readiness and WANWide Area Network Planning.

Each monitor has a description you can display by clicking the its link in the left panel. Descriptions detail usage information and which Exinda OS version is required to run the monitor. Some monitors also have short video descriptions.