The Exinda AD Connector port number

By default, port 8015 is used to communicate Active Directory information between the Exinda AD Connector and the connected Exinda Appliances. You should change the port number only if a conflict necessitates the change. If you change the port on the Connector, you must also change the port on each the Exinda Appliances.


Ensure that the firewall on the server running the Exinda AD Connector is configured to allow inbound and outbound traffic on the configured port.

Changing the Exinda AD Connector port number

If necessary, you can change the AD Connector port number using the following instructions. Changing the port number requires that you do this on both the server hosting the AD Connector, and each of the Exinda appliances.

To change the port number on the Exinda AD Connector

  1. Launch the Exinda AD Configuration Utility.
  2. Select the Exinda Appliances tab.
  3. Type a new port number in the field. The default port number is 8015.

To change the port number on each Exinda Appliance

  1. Log into the Exinda Web UI.
  2. Click Configuration, and from the System group, select Network > Active Directory.
  3. Type the same port number you set above in the Exinda AD Configuration Utility.
  4. Apply the changes.
  5. Repeat these steps for each Exinda Appliance that communicates with this instance of the Exinda AD Connector.

To determine if the port change was successful on the Exinda Appliance

Wait a few moments to ensure the information on the Active Directory tab updates with new information:

  • IPInternet protocol Address– The IP address of the server running the Exinda AD Connector.
  • Windows Version– The version of Windows on the Active Directory server.
  • Version– The Exinda AD Connector version.
  • Agent Name– The Exinda AD Connector name.
  • Last Contact– The last time the Active Directory server was contacted.