NIC configuration

The NIC settings page is used to set the speed, duplex, and MTUMaximum Transmission Unit of the System NICs, to set the behavior of the bridges in the event of an appliance failure (for example, fail to wire), and to set the behavior of the second port in a bridge pair when the first port goes down (for example, link state mirroring).

Interface Settings

You need the Exinda appliance and devices that are connected to the appliance to have the same speed and duplex settings for their network interfaces. In most cases the default settings will work as the Exinda is setup to auto-negotiate. However, some equipment is not compatible with this.

If the appliance and connected devices are using different speeds and duplex settings, the devices may not communicate and traffic may be dropped. In this case, you may notice collisions, errors, packet loss, and network delays on the Exinda NICs, which will cause the System health status to show as "Warning" and the offending interface(s) will be highlighted.

To resolve this, check if the router or switch is hard-coded to a speed or duplex setting. If hard-coded, then either set all devices to auto-negotiate or set the Exinda device to the same speed and duplex mode.


For further troubleshooting, click on the system warning or view the NIC Diagnostics by clicking on the View NIC Diagnostics link.

Set and view the speed, duplex, MTU of NIC interfaces

Fail to Wire (bypass)

The Fail to Wire (bypass) settings control the behaviour of the Exinda appliance bridges in the event of failure, power outage or reboot. Depending on the hardware appliance and the type of interface cards installed, fail to wire or bypass settings may be configured globally or per bridge.

Independently controllable bypass bridges

Globally controllable bypass bridges

Link State Mirroring

With link state mirroring, the Exinda appliance will bring down the second port of a bridge if the first port goes down. This feature allows the Exinda appliance to sit between a WANWide Area Network router and a switch without blocking detection of switch outages by the router. This is a global setting that is applied to all enabled bridges.

Configure link state mirroring