Managing Exinda Appliances with EMC

The appliances list shows the appliances that are being managed in the Exinda Management Center. The list shows inventory details, online/offline communication status, and configuration status. You can move the appliances to configuration groups or to the not deployed (unallocated) group. You can also import the network objecta logical definition created and stored in the Exinda lilbrary, can represent any network component configuration and the policy configuration from an appliance into the librarythe Exinda repository for network objects and their definitions. You can launch the Web UI of the appliance by clicking on the IPInternet protocol address. Note that it is a simple launch of the UI. If the appliance is subject to NATNetwork Address Translation, then the Web UI will not be available.

The Status Column indicates the online or offline status and the Last Communication column shows the date and time of last communication. Note that the system shows an appliance as offline if it has not called in within 15 minutes, which covers three scheduled call-in periods.

The Config Status column shows the state of the configuration and the date and time of the last configuration status change:

  • Needs Sending – configuration applicable to the appliance has changed, however, you have not clicked the Send Configuration icon
  • Pending – configuration applicable to the appliance has changed and you have clicked the Send Configuration icon, however, the appliance has not yet called in to receive the configuration
  • Delivered – configuration has been delivered to the appliance.

Viewing appliances in the tenancy

There are several locations in the Exinda Management Center where you can see the list of appliances in your tenancy, each providing a different scope of which appliances are shown.

  • Selecting Not Deployed shows only the appliances that have not been configured. Configuration cannot be applied to the appliances here. However, configuration can be imported into the library from appliances in the Unallocated Appliances list.
  • Selecting Configured Appliances > Appliances shows the appliances that can be configured by the Exinda Management Center. In order to apply configuration to an appliance, it must first be moved to the tenant’s Configured Appliances group. Appliance groups can be added to the Configured Appliances group so that the appliances can be organized in a way that makes sense to you. Perhaps you want to organize by geography or by function (Data Center vs. Branches, or by circuit size). Groups can be nested. Configuration is applied by appliance groups, so all appliances in a group receive the same configuration.
  • Selecting a nested group within Configured Appliances > Appliances, will show the subset of configured appliances that have been moved to that group (and any nested groups) in the configured appliance groups hierarchy.
  • Selecting your Overview > Appliances will show all the appliances in your tenancy including the unallocated appliances.

Moving appliances within the tenancy

If there is more than one tenant in the system

When appliances first appear in the system within an on-premises EMCExinda Management Center, SaaS service to centrally monitor and configure multiple Exinda appliances deployment with more than one tenant, they are added to the Appliance Pool group. This location is intended for the host of a multi-tenant deployment of the Exinda Management Center. Since the appliance does not know to which tenant it belongs, it appears in the Appliance Pool. The host admin user then moves the appliance to the appropriate tenant.


It is recommended that you initially move appliances to the Not Deployed (Unallocated) Appliance group to let the admin user manage the appliances in the tenant.

If there is only one tenant in the system

When appliances first appear in the system, they appear in the Not Deployed appliances group. From there they can be moved to the Configured Appliances group.


When appliances are moved out of the Configured Appliances group to the Unallocated Appliances group or the Appliance Pool, the configuration that was applied via the edit forms will be automatically removed from the appliances upon the next call into the Exinda Management Center.