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This help provides information about installing, configuring and deploying Exinda SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network products. You'll find step-by-step instructions for using Exinda SD-WANWide Area Network features, plus real world examples of common network topologies and answers to questions like how to assure application performance, how to shape network traffic and how to analyze network traffic in real-time.

To facilitate learning and quick reference, help topics are divided into four categories:

  • Getting Started provides technical specifications about Exinda Appliances. It also explains various methods to deploy an Exinda Appliance in your environment with network diagrams depicting common network topologies and where to install your Exinda Appliance to get the traffic shaping, monitoring and acceleration results you want.
  • Using delves into operational features like dashboards, real time monitoring and reporting. You'll discover the multitude of reports that provide detailed information, allowing you to manage every network objecta logical definition created and stored in the Exinda lilbrary, can represent any network component in your environment, from virtual circuits to users. You'll also learn about Exinda solutions that let you answer business questions like: Is an important application performing well for network users? Are network problems getting worse or better? How much bandwidth is recreational data consuming?
  • Settings takes you into the Exinda Appliance settings that control how it works in your network. You'll learn how to define network objects, how to set traffic policies and let the Exinda exchange data with other network systems. The topics show you how to tailor an Exinda Appliance to meet your requirements and goals.
  • Troubleshooting includes a list of diagnostic tools and utilities built-in to an Exinda Appliance. You'll find examples of troubleshooting scenarios and instructions on using the tools to uncover and fix problems.

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