Exinda system components

Exinda includes a number of required and optional components that can be installed in your organization's infrastructure.

Exinda Appliance

The Exinda product line includes a series of hardware and virtual network appliances designed to plug directly into your environment with minimal effort. Appliances come in a range of sizes to handle every networking scenario and size, from small offices with dozens of users to very large data centers that support hundreds of thousands.

For more information refer to The Exinda product line.

Exinda Web UI

Exinda offers to user and administrator a Web User Interface that allows users to configure policies and monitor the appliances performances through a variety of dashboard and reports.

Exinda Management Center

The Exinda Management Center (EMCExinda Management Center, SaaS service to centrally monitor and configure multiple Exinda appliances) provides complete management insight and configuration control of your Exinda Network Orchestrator appliances from one central console. All applications, devices, users, and activities across all network locations are managed from a central location giving IT Administrators the ability to manage network policies and manage appliance configuration across the entire organization.

For more information refer to Managing multiple appliances with the Exinda Management Center.

Exinda Solution Center

The Exinda Solution Center provides a series of predefined monitors you can run to generate network performances reports for applications like FTP, SSH, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Office365, VoIP, and many more.

For more information refer to Monitoring applications with the Exinda Solution Center .

Exinda Service Delivery Point (SDP)

The Exinda Service Delivery Point (SDP) is a high performance add-on designed for enterprise network environments looking to centrally manage multi-box Exinda deployments. It is available as both a hosted service and a virtual appliance.

SDP simplifies the tasks of installing, configuring, monitoring and reporting WANWide Area Network optimization appliances. It is a key differentiator in the traffic shaping & WAN optimization space. A fundamental component of Exinda's Unified Performance Management solution, it rounds out the Exinda product line and makes it the most comprehensive and effective solution for achieving peak application performance.

With secure access via a Web browser, SDP subscribers gain full visibility into network usage and control over applications at any WAN site. SDP helps IT managers identify and control the underlying causes of poor network performance, whether it be unwanted recreational peer-to-peer traffic or a misconfigured server.

Custom reports provide a granular analysis of network usage, top applications and top URLs. This information is critical in setting an optimal network policy, throttling back applications and for future capacity planning.

For more information refer to SDP Web User Interface (WUI) and Features.