Managing multiple appliances with the Exinda Management Center

The Exinda Management Center (EMCExinda Management Center, SaaS service to centrally monitor and configure multiple Exinda appliances) provides complete management insight and configuration control of your Exinda Network Orchestrator appliances from one central console. All applications, devices, users, and activities across all network locations are managed from a central location giving IT Administrators the ability to manage network policies and manage appliance configuration across the entire organization.

You can configure Exinda Appliances and monitor network usage directly from the appliance. However, once you have more than a few appliances to manage, it can become difficult to manage them individually and maintain standard configurations when needed.

The Exinda Management Center solves the management gap by enabling policy configuration on multiple appliances. When used in conjunction with SDP (Service Delivery Point), you can also have aggregated reporting of your network traffic across your appliances and/or reporting of the individual appliances all within a single report.

If deploying an on-premises instance of EMC, you can deploy it as a multi-tenant solution, where each estate is enrolled under a separate tenancy account. Objects and data cannot be shared across tenancies. For a single estate use of EMC, a single tenant is added to the system. Within a tenant, multiple appliance groups can be added to help organize the appliances and to ensure that the correct configuration is sent to the sets of appliances. These appliance groups can be nested in other appliance groups.

If using the Exinda-hosted service, only a single tenant appears in the system.