Troubleshoot issues with SMB file acceleration

If you are experiencing issues with SMB file acceleration, the following are possible troubleshooting options to consider:

  • Ensure that the traffic is being processed by the expected policy.

Go to Monitor > Real Time Conversations, and select the Show Policies option This groups the traffic by the virtual circuitlogical definitions that partition a a physical network circuit and used to determine what traffic passes through it and how much and policy. Look for the desired traffic in expected policy. If the traffic is being accelerated by TCPTransmission Control Protocol, the background colour is yellow. If the traffic is being processed by CIFS acceleration the CIFS acceleration icon is shown.

  • If a client had already established a connection with the server when the SMB acceleration service was restarted, file transfers over that connection cannot take advantage of the acceleration.

There are two options for terminating the connection between the client computer and the server: Restart the client computer or on a MS Windows client computer, navigate to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, and restart the Workstation service.

You can also attempt to diagnose the issue by viewing the system log or the system diagnostics information.