Every day critical business network traffic and recreational network traffic compete for bandwidth on strained networks. The Exinda Network Orchestrator inspects, monitors and manages network traffic, maximizing speed and data flowthe network traffic between network objects efficiency, giving priority to mission critical business applications across your LANs and WANs.

How an Exinda implements WAN optimization

As soon as you connect it to your network, an Exinda Appliance begins monitoring network traffic and gathering statistics to help you make informed optimization decisions. The Exinda provides a multitude of settings, parameters and tools you can use to tweak and squeeze every last byte of bandwidth from your network hardware.

  • Traffic shaping techniques, classifying and rationing bandwidth in alignment with your company goals and daily needs
  • Intelligent data caching for rapid access to frequently used files and data stores
  • Data deduplication to eliminate redundant data and free bandwidth
  • Network monitoring, analysis and management to identify and limit social network traffic, gaming traffic, streaming traffic and other non-essential traffic types

And getting started with Exinda Network Orchestrator is easy.

First you connect an Exinda Appliance to your network. Next, through the combination of an automatic, intelligent discovery process and manual definitions, the Exinda Appliance learns about your network. Then you specify policies to regulate traffic in your network. After that, you use Exinda's robust set of monitoring tools to gain total insight into the traffic on your network and adjust your policies as needed.

What is network orchestration?

Network orchestration is the idea that networks can be programmed to support applications, giving priority to one over another.

The Exinda Network Orchestrator provides the capability to detect and define data streams according to their origins, destinations and other characteristics. Then it gives you the capability to set up rules governing how much network resources a given data stream is allowed to consume.

An Exinda Network Orchestrator logically transforms your network from a group of disparate routers, hubs, switches, bridges, repeaters and blade servers, working independently, into a single, responsive, service-based asset.