The Exinda product line

The Exinda product line includes a series of hardware and virtual network appliances designed to plug directly into your environment with minimal effort. Appliances come in a range of sizes to handle every networking scenario and size, from small offices with dozens of users to very large data centers that support hundreds of thousands.

Exinda physical appliances

The tables below contain the technical specifications, hardware profiles and capacity guidelines for each Exinda Network Orchestrator model listed in order of capacity, starting with the smallest.

Exinda virtual appliances

The virtual Exinda Network Orchestrator provides the same monitoring, reporting and control features as the Exinda hardware appliances. Capacity is determined by a combination of licensing and underlying hardware.

Exinda Network Expansion Module Comparison

Exinda Network Orchestrator provides a wide range of network modules that can be added to the standard setup, offering greater flexibility and configuration options.

Download the comparison document here.