Verify communication between the Active Directory server and the Exinda Appliance

To ensure the communication between the Active Directory server and the Exinda Appliance is successful, you can quickly check the Active Directory tab on the Exinda Appliance. Login to the Exinda Web UI. Click Configuration, and from the System group, select Network > Active Directory.


User accounts that have been disabled on the Active Directory server are not included in the data sent to the Exinda Appliances

  • Verify the Active Directory server is listed, and that the service is Running.

    When the Exinda Appliance successfully communicates with the Active Directory Client, the following information is displayed in the table:

    • Agent Name– The Active Directory server name.
    • IPInternet protocol Address– The IP address of the Active Directory server.
    • Version– The Exinda Active Directory Windows client version.
    • Windows Version– The Active Directory server Windows version.
    • Last Contact– The last time the Active Directory server was contacted.

    If the service is not visible on the list, run the Event Viewer program on your Active Directory server, and examine Windows logs:

    1. From the Start menu select Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
    2. Double-click Services, and verify the status of the Exinda AD service. If the service is stopped, restart the service.
    3. In the Windows Logs > Application area, a “Service started successfully” message should be displayed from Exinda Networks Active Directory Connector.

    If communications between the Active Director and the Exinda Appliance are failing, an error message from the Exinda Networks Active Directory Connector appears in these logs.