Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WANSoftware-Defined Wide Area Network) refers to the concept of combining different WANWide Area Network interfaces to create a unified WAN.

SD-WAN gives more flexibility and reliability due to automatic failover in case there is an issue with the primary internet link. It also increases the application performance as it maximizes all WAN links simultaneously.

Exinda SD-WAN are highly versatile devices that can provide true bandwidth aggregation in a variety of settings. These include standalone operation, point-to-point communication between two sites, as well as supporting robust data communication across a large global enterprise. In all cases, the Exinda SD-WAN devices enable high performance, high reliability data communications by making concurrent use of all available communication resources. By using the most cost effective communication resources available at a site location, the WAN performance and reliability can be significantly improved in a cost effective manner.