Overview of QoS by host

Per Host Quality of Service (QoSQuality of Service) allows you to manage traffic congestion by policing the bandwidth available to each host in your network. You can allocate a minimum amount of bandwidth for critical applications, such as VoIP and Citrix, for every host in your network. You can also restrict the bandwidth that each host can utilize for recreational purposes. All out-of-path interfaces are included in the QoS calculations.

The Exinda Appliance enables greater system throughput, up to 10GB, by using multiple queues to handle the traffic. The multiple queues are based on the licensed bandwidth, but the multiple queues are used when the licensed bandwidth exceeds 1.8GB per second.


Per Host QoS can be integrated with Active Directory so bandwidth management can be tailored to users or groups. For more information about integrating the Exinda Appliance with Active Directory, see Integrate with Active Directory.