Add the Exinda Appliances to the Exinda AD Connector

Identify the Exinda Appliance using this Exinda AD Connector to retrieve user and group information.


Each installation of the Active Directory Connector can have a maximum of 20 Exinda Appliances connected to it.

If there are more than 20 Exinda Appliances, install the connector on multiple Windows servers and divide the appliances across multiple instances of the Active Directory Connector.

In the Exinda AD Configuration Utility, on the Exinda Appliances tab, type the IPInternet protocol Address and hostname of each appliance into an empty row. You will also need to type the Admin password for each appliance. The port number refers to the port that the Exinda AD Connector is using to communicate with the clients, and the Exinda Appliance must all use the same port number. The default port number of the Active Directory Client is 8015. For more information refer to The Exinda AD Connector port number.

In the Sync interval field, identify how frequently the Exinda AD Connector contacts the Exinda Appliances to synchronize Active Directory user and group information. The default is 5 minutes.

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