Optimization services

The Exinda optimization technology enables applications to run faster over the WANWide Area Network. Latency in the network affects user productivity and satisfaction with their applications and network. Latency can be due to the sheer volume of data that must be returned for the given application as well as contention for the available bandwidth, the distance that the data must travel while the user is waiting for the data to be retrieved, including the number of back-and-forth communications of "chatty" applications, and failures of the data delivery requiring the data to be retransmitted .

The Network Orchestrator appliance uses a variety of techniques to address these issues. The appliance can reduce the amount of data transmitted over the WAN by using deduplication, compression, and caching techniques. The appliance can minimize delays associated with waiting for the data to be returned by reducing the chattiness of particular protocols and by anticipating requests for data and pre-fetching the data. The appliance can also reduce the frequency of data delivery failures so that data does not have to be retransmitted.

Learn about the optimization services available on the Exinda Appliance(s). There are several services that manage the various kinds of traffic on your network, each of which you can manage.